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Loss Control Resources for Better Accident Prevention

With the day-to-day demands of running your small business, having a plan for dealing with things like fires, electrical surges, burglary, lawsuits or injuries can make all the difference. We're here to connect you with the right tools to help you identify and prevent some of the most common causes of business losses, which may help save your business time and money.

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Tools You Can Use

Protecting Your Business Guide

Learn how to protect your business from common loss causes like injury, water, fire, crime, disaster and more.

Download the business loss control guide [PDF-1MB]

Employee Safety Program Guide

This comprehensive guide can help you develop a loss control and employee safety program for your business.

Download the employee safety program [PDF-618.3KB]

Residential Properties Loss Control Guide

Learn how to control losses for apartments, condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners associations and other multi-family housing.

Download the residential properties guide [PDF-671.5KB]

Property Checklist

Use this checklist to periodically check your property or place of business for potential hazards that may need attention.

Download the property checklist [PDF-56KB]

Accident Investigation Report

If an accident occurs, this Accident Investigation Report can be used to document the details right away.

Download the accident report [PDF-38.3KB]

Miscellaneous Information

Add local contact information to this Miscellaneous Information form to help you or your employees respond to injuries or incidents.

Download the form [PDF-42.3KB]

Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Planning for Your Business

Pre-emergency plan and Recovery

Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Small Business Operations

Free Loss Control Services and Resources

In addition to resources available from State Farm, several state agencies offer free loss control and accident prevention services to employers in their state. To help make them easy to find, we've connected state-specific resources here. Only states with agencies offering free resources are listed.

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If you are interested in learning more about these free resources, or would like to request free loss control services for your State Farm insured business, please contact our Business Lines Loss Control unit toll-free at (844) 892-8286, or email us.


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