Steer Clear® –
Programa de Descuento para Conductores

Inscríbete y disfruta descuentos en el seguro

El programa Steer Clear para conductores es más que solo un descuento en el seguro de automóviles para conductores precavidos y con licencia de manejo para menores de 25 años de edad, es una gran oportunidad para revisar y mejorar tus destrezas de manejo. ¿Quién no puede hacer un pequeño curso de actualización? Y si hay un descuento Steer Clear en tu estado, ¿por qué dejar pasar la oportunidad de reducir el costo de tu seguro de automóviles?

3 maneras de completar el programa y obtener tu descuento por ser un conductor precavido para el seguro de automóviles.

Para ser elegible para el descuento, debes ser menor de 25 años de edad, no haber sido culpable de accidentes o violaciones durante los últimos 3 años y completar el programa Steer Clear en una de tres maneras convenientes:

How to Get Started

  1. Confirm with your State Farm agent that you are eligible for the discount.
  2. Download the Steer Clear Mobile application* to:
    1. Watch the safe driving videos.
    2. Complete the safe driving quizzes.
    3. Record your driving trips.
  3. Sign Within the Steer Clear Mobile application, verify that you are eligible* and have completed the requirements.

Download the Mobile Application Today

Download the Steer Clear Mobile App on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android (OS 1.6 and above) and complete the program anytime, anywhere in addition to automatically logging your trips.

Download the mobile app and get started today

Alternately, you can review the material online. Desktop computer with PDF reader and printer recommended. In addition, you will need to download the trip log in order to log at least 5 hours of driving in at least 10 trips.

Don’t Forget Your Driving Mentor

One of the most effective ways to improve driving behaviors is to drive with an engaged mentor. State Farm encourages driving with a mentor whenever you can. The best mentors are someone who is:

  • Age 25 or older, and
  • Has at least 3 years driving experience.

An effective, engaged driving mentor should:

  • Try to remember that they were a new driver once too.
  • Be fair and reasonable in their evaluation of your driving privileges.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Give driving directions clearly, calmly and well in advance of the maneuver.
  • Provide constructive comments.
  • Communicate the fact that they care about your safety in a calm and non-emotional way.
  • Listen and try to understand your point of view and concerns.
  • Positively recognize your use of good judgment.

To set the stage for your driver/mentor relationship, mentors can download the State Farm Steer Clear Program mobile application and follow along as well as the mentor can sign the Driver/Mentor Agreement which contains expectations for the driver and mentor. Learn more ways to be an effective mentor with our Mentor’s Tips module.

Still Have Questions?

Below are a few commonly asked questions about the Steer Clear Program. If you have additional questions that aren’t addressed here, talk to your State Farm agent.

What happens if I get into an accident during the Steer Clear Program?

It depends whose fault it is. If you were the at-fault driver, then you will be ineligible to receive the Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount.


  • [1] Discounts names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state. Contact your State Farm agent to confirm discount eligibility.

  • [2] Eligibility for discount when over 24 with under 3 years driving experience only applicable in some states.


El descuento Steer Clear del conductor precavido para el seguro para automóviles no está disponible en todos los estados. Para información adicional, por favor, comunícate con tu agente de State Farm®.

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