Lawyer Gives Away Free House

Lawyer Gives Away Free House

Video Transcript

At State Farm®, we want to recognize good neighbors that are helping their communities and encourage everyone that even the smallest act of kindess can change the world. Be inspired by these community service stories through our partnership with The Huffington Post and help us recognize those around you who are making a difference. Check out the original video on Huffington Post.

How Giving Away a Free House Helped the Community

Mark Stopa is a lawyer who is passionate about helping people stay in their houses and avoid foreclosure. Throughout his work, Mark has met so many people in difficult life situations and, although he's helped a lot of them, he wanted to reach out to more and help his community.

One night, his son gave him the idea of giving away a free house. It sounded like a crazy idea at first, but it inspired him to do exactly that. Motivated by his son, Mark set up a contest on his blog asking individuals to tell their story of why they should win a free house. After receiving hundreds of letters, he narrowed it down to five finalists who needed the house the most and eventually picked Moriah and her family as the winners—her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer and Moriah gave up everything she had in order to save her daughter's life.

Instead of ending the community service story there, Mark continued his simple act of kindness and gave away $5,000 to the other four finalists and created a domino effect of goodwill—the finalists who received the money agreed to raising a matching $20,000 in total to give away to Mr. Strong Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on providing funds for kids with special needs to get necessary therapy.

Through Mark's simple act of kindness that made a huge difference in one person's life, he was able to inspire others to do the same and create change in the community.

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