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Scale Success Faster

Scale success faster by tying your business capabilities directly to your goals.

Your business is more than dollar signs. It’s your skill. It’s the product that inspired you to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Its’ success depends on the systems you put in place. So as an entrepreneur, you’re probably asking, “how do I set achievable and realistic business goals?” Answer: Connect your business goals directly to your business capabilities.

What’s a capability? More than just a wild idea, a capability is a lasting and repeatable system or skill that your business can lean on for repeated success. In other words, a valuable business capability will help you to achieve the same results over and over again.

For example:
1. Define your goal. Example: Generate a dedicated user base.2. Tie that goal to a metric. Example: Grow users by 5,000 every month for 6 months.3. Make your goal a sustainable, repeatable achievement. Example: Create an automated email on-boarding system generating new users. Assess and revise tactics monthly to ensure growth.

Once your goal is defined, there’s more than one way to meet it. Experiment. You may come up with a sustainable, repeatable way to meet your goal and grow your business. Keep looking for ways to improve your pace toward meeting goals.

Remember This: Regularly meeting your business goals relies on your business’ well-defined, lasting capabilities.

What’s in the Entrepreneur’s Toolbox?

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image of Mike LenzThis tip comes from Mike Lenz. Mike is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Tip Yourself where he focuses on habits and changing the mindset around saving money. Hit him up with questions on focusing your capabilities, not dollars @TipYourself on Twitter.


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