Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Build the Right Brand for Your Business

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Build the Right Brand for Your Business

Gather insights from experts, potential customers, and your gut to build the best brand for your biz.

All those iconic taglines, the logos. They seem obvious to us now. But that’s after hundreds (probably thousands) of hours of head scratching and research. And enough crumpled paper to make a forest.

Brands don’t start and stop with a cool logo. Think of your favorite brand. Why do you like it? That’s because it meets more than a cool factor. Your brand should reflect the core tenants of what you offer and resonate with those buying your product.

So how do the best brands get there? Research. It’s the who, what, why of your business.

Expert Advice- Consult someone - ideally someone with experience - who's not you. These people know their stuff. And face-to-face, customized insight is better than a generic web search. Seek them out and find them at a Meetup group, in a Next Door class, or even chat with a local business owner.Customer Research - Find real people who will use your product and ask questions. How do they see your product? How would they use it? Why would they or wouldn't they use your product? These questions are vital to understanding your target audience and their unique needs.Personal Experience- You are your brand's pillar. You know something. Draw on what you've learned from past insights and experiences, and explore how it can shape your business' future direction. Don't underestimate the power of introspection. Dig in and you can find gold.Your Brand.

We know you know that putting a brand out there and crossing your fingers doesn’t get attention. Brands are intentional, living things that are shaped by the world they live in. You’re the one pushing and pulling it in the right direction.

Remember This: The most important input comes from your ideal customer, experts, and your own experience. Tap their insights to inform your brand.

What’s in the Entrepreneur’s Toolbox?

In this series, Next Door® brings you tools and advice from Chicago area entrepreneurs who want to pass along their been-there-done-that knowledge and expertise. Want to learn more from other entrepreneurs? Get the tools to your inbox.

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author-nextdoor-kalil This tip comes from John Kalil. John is an Entrepreneur, branding expert, and Director at Tacklebox, a brand strategy firm. Hit him up with questions on building your business’ brand on Twitter @Tacklebox_LLC.


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