How to be a Good Neighbor

How to be a Good Neighbor

Group of people volunteering in community

In celebration of Good Neighbor Day on September 28, State Farm® is encouraging you and your friends to turn caring into doing and lend a hand in your community for causes that matter to you - not just on September 28, but as an ongoing part of your life. State Farm is committed to building safer, stronger and better educated communities around the country by helping people find volunteer opportunities in their area through Neighborhood of Good®.

In late September, State Farm will be holding Neighborhood of Good events in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle and Philadelphia. The events will consist of large volunteer opportunities to help drive awareness and inspire action. Events in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix will focus on education-related causes, such as filling bags with books, supplies and resource materials for parents. Chicago and Philadelphia events will be geared toward families, such as packing suitcases with basic needs and comfort items for children in foster care. Seattle will focus on youth services, with activities including assembling shelter kits for homeless youth.

State Farm will be hosting smaller volunteer opportunities across the country throughout the month of September. You can learn more about each of these events on®. Find events in your area by entering your zip code and selecting a cause you are passionate about.

Beginning in 2015, State Farm held various volunteer events around the country to clean up and beautify communities. Due to the impact in those two years, we are now expanding volunteer opportunities. This year, in celebration of Good Neighbor Day, bring your friends and family and join State Farm employees, agents and team members in making a difference where you live. To find volunteer opportunities in your community, visit®.