Claims Help

Let Us Help Guide You Through the Health Insurance* Claims Process

Filing a health insurance claim is simple and can be done in one of three ways. Pick the option that's best for you.

To File a Claim

Take your bill(s) to your State Farm agent's office and ask about filing your claim using our "Hospital Income Claim Express" process.


Call our Health Response Center at 866-855-1212 to request a claim form.


Fully complete, sign and date the claim form and attach itemized bill(s) for the treatment received. Mail the information to one of the addresses listed below.

State Farm Insurance Companies
Greeley Health Operations Center
P.O. Box 339403
Greeley, CO 80633-9403


State Farm Insurance Companies
P.O. Box 3070
New Albany Health Operations Center
Newark, OH 43058-3070

Obtén una cotización

Continúa con una cotización guardada


* Supplemental Health Insurance, depending on the state where your policy is issued, may be referred to as Hospital Income, Hospital Indemnity, Hospital Confinement Indemnity Coverage, Hospital Confinement Indemnity Policy, Supplemental Hospital Indemnity Policy or Daily Hospital Confinement Indemnity.