Plan Ahead With These State Farm Mutual Funds® Retirement Calculators

We know how challenging it is to figure out how much to invest or how much college will cost when your child grows up. State Farm Mutual Funds calculators are here to assist you through your planning process. Take some time to try out the retirement planning and college savings calculators in our library.


Ready to start thinking about retirement? This calculator gives you an idea of how much you'll need to save so you can begin setting financial goals.

Are you saving enough? Are you on track to have the kind of retirement you want? This calculator can help you answer these questions.

Both Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs offer a number of tax advantages when saving for your retirement. Sometimes, the most difficult decision to make is which IRA you should choose. This calculator is intended to help you analyze which IRA is right for you.

Wondering if you should convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Use this calculator to help you better understand how a conversion will impact you.

Don't know how much to expect from Social Security when you retire? This calculator helps you to project your Social Security benefits.

The IRS requires that you start withdrawing at least a minimum amount from your Traditional IRA (and, generally, other tax-qualified retirement plans) by April 1 of the year after the year you turn age 70½. These minimum withdrawals are referred to as "required minimum distributions" (RMDs). Use this calculator to find out what your RMD may be.

Think you've saved enough money for retirement? This calculator can help you find out if you're truly prepared for retirement.