Pick the State Farm® Interest Advantage Program

Here's a relatively simple idea. Take the fixed-rate earnings from your Future Income Flex variable annuity1 from State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) or State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Residents of NY and WI only) and shift them into professionally managed investment accounts that offer the potential for a higher return.

How? With a controlled, systematic approach that gradually shifts these assets into the subaccount of your choice - giving you simple, convenient access to the investment potential of the stock and bond markets.

It's called the Interest Advantage Program, and it makes the complex process of reallocating your assets and managing your investments far easier and more convenient ...because it's automatic.

We Call It the "Interest Advantage" Program for Good Reason

While you may not want to take big risks with your assets, choosing only low-return investments carries the risk that the value of your assets may not keep up with inflation. Without enough savings growth, you could fall short of realizing your future dreams.

The Interest Advantage Program enables you to explore opportunities in the stock and bond markets, without committing a large portion of your retirement savings all at once:

  • The principal in your Fixed Account remains protected from market fluctuations (based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing State Farm life insurance company)
  • An amount equal to your Fixed Account earnings is shifted gradually into underlying stock and bond investments each quarter. These periodic investments have the effect of "dollar-cost averaging" — a strategy that helps reduce the risk of making investments only when unit prices are high.
  • You can choose from a variety of underlying subaccounts for your new investments.
  • Professional investment management of subaccounts saves you time and effort.

How Does It Work?

The Interest Advantage Program is based on a simple idea. The interest earnings from your State Farm Future Income Flex variable annuity's Fixed Account are transferred quarterly into the professionally managed investment accounts (known as subaccounts) of your choice. The amount of each quarterly transfer is equal to the interest earned on your Fixed Account balance during the previous quarter. No fixed Account Principal is put at market risk, as only the amount of earned interest is moved into your subaccounts.

Is It Right for You?

The Interest Advantage Program could be suitable for a wide range of individuals:

  • Conservative investors who are cautious about broadening their investment mix
  • Individuals who recognize there is no "perfect" time to make new investments
  • Investors who seek greater diversification for their retirement savings
  • Those who simply wish to explore new avenues for long-term growth potential

How To Get Started

To begin the Interest Advantage Program, you must have the minimum required balance of $2,500 in your Fixed Account. If this balance should fall below $500 by the end of any policy quarter, the transfer will not occur. Please see the prospectus for further details.

Find out if the Interest Advantage Program could work to your advantage.


1Por favor tenga en cuenta que State Farm discontinuó los productos variables desde el 27 de septiembre de 2008. El departamento de los productos valores de State Farm continua al servicio de todas las pólizas de anualidad variable aplazada existentes. Esto incluye contribuciones adicionales* y transferencias/reinversiones hasta $30,000 anuales.

*Tratamiento tributario preferencial—menos de 50 años - $5,000, 50 años y más - $6,000. Planes con tratamiento tributario preferencial - $30,000. No se permiten contribuciones en planes de anualidades con amparo fiscal/403b; Las aportaciones actuales al plan SEP tienen un límite de $49,000.

Antes de invertir considera los objetivos, riesgos, tarifas y gastos de inversión del fondo. Comunícate con State Farm VP Management Corp (1-888-702-2307) para obtener un prospecto que contenga esta y otra información. Léelo atentamente. AP2011/10/1057

Invertir implica un riesgo, incluyendo la posibilidad de pérdida.

Las anualidades variables conllevan cargos que incluyen la tasa de mortalidad y gastos, cargos administrativos, gastos del fondo y pueden incluir cargos de rescate, cargos de gestión por transferencia y cargo por anexo por depósito adicional.

Las anualidades variables son inversiones a largo plazo diseñadas para propósitos de jubilación.

El programa de ventaja de interés, promedio en costo de dólares, y la diversificación no aseguran un beneficio ni protegen contra la pérdida.

Los agentes de State Farm no ofrecen asesoramiento fiscal, legal ni de inversiones.

Los productos variables de State Farm son emitidos por:
State Farm Life Insurance Company (Sin licencia en MA, NY o WI)
State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Con licencia en NY y WI)
Oficinas Centrales, Bloomington, Illinois

State Farm VP Management Corp. es una entidad separada de aquellas entidades de State Farm que proporcionan productos bancarios y de seguros.

Anualidad variable diferida: Series de póliza 03040 & 03090 en todos los estados excepto NY y WI. A03040 y A03090 en WI; A11047 y A11041 en NY.

No asegurado por la FDIC

  • Sin garantía bancaria
  • Puede perder valor